Women Empowerment Retreat Workshops

The True Power intrinsic in being a Woman - A unique approach in a series of Mindset & Awareness workshops:

I am Woman Hear Me Roar, I am Woman Hear me Purr, I am Woman Hear My Voice
Transformational Personal Growth, Development Workshops for Women.

If Women in the workplace and home are happy, everyone is happy!
  • Step 1. La Wench – The Introduction to Self – acknowledging, understanding and developing your Intuition.
  • Step 2. Mischievous Minx – Finding the right Balance – “Girls just want to have fun”. Inspirational Body Mind Awareness, the next step in Self Love.
  • Step 3. Lady Godiva – Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem – “I am confident, unique and beautiful”. Create – Body, Mind + Soul Workshop. Third step towards Self love – How to take your desired unique inner image of individuality forward into your own world and authentically Walk your Talk.
  • Optional Extra Step: Florence Nightingale – Gift or trap? “I am, I am…a Wild Wolf Woman”. Body, Mind + Soul Self Healing Workshop. Workshop/s exploring your desired self healing, to ensure renewed behaviorial patterns for the success of Steps 1 to 3.
Women with a passionate desire for changing the world, laving a legacy, become self empowerment, independent - learn how to use their power & energy with the grace it deserves.
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“He who is flexible is King, She who is flexible, is Queen and trusted advisor to the King”CDB