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Speaker & Group Interventions

Evolved Man 1 day Retreat ” Must admit forgot about some of those muscles that were aching on Sunday morning !!
Went for a walk & soon were back to normal
Thank you for a most interesting & enlighten day , most enjoyed & another one for my Robin hood Manual” C K”

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to partner with in celebrating my 45th birthday anniversary. Titled “ Lift the veil, celebrate femininity”, Charlotte’s key note address was on point in terms of connecting with the exclusively female audience. All of us could relate to the issues she covered; and I was left inspired and motivated to embrace and honor my femininity. I particularly loved the nuggets of wisdom; especially the awareness =knowledge=choice formula. Thanks Charlotte for reminding us about what really matters!” N Masebe

“The team-building workshops that Charlotte facilitated for two of my teams to improve communication and reduce conflict within the team were very successful.
They were presented in a very fun, informal and interactive way, yet the underlying themes and messages were received by all. Charlotte gets everyone involved and participating in the workshops, and they are certainly not just ’talkshops’. Feedback from the teams after the sessions was very positive and everyone enjoyed them thoroughly. The communication within the teams has certainly improved since the sessions and there have been no serious conflicts that have required intervention to resolve, so the outcome has been very positive!”R Meredith, Head FX Sales, Nedbank

“We have recently used Charlotte to facilitate a Teambuilding Session and an Effective Communication Workshop. Charlotte had a difficult audience as it was from basic workers to management level and different team dynamics.
Charlotte, was extremely well prepared and organised. She connected with each person individually, made it loads of fun with lots of surprises to keep the team entertained throughout. Charlotte also facilitated a lot of casual and structured interaction and ensured that the content was applied in reality which will ensure that going forward this will be practically applied. I can recommend Charlotte as facilitator without hesitation, she takes professional pride in her presentation and planning. Our team felt that this training was extremely useful, they loved it and had fun in the process.”Ilza Van Niekerk, Global Groups
“The party was a huge success and we all had great fun! Sincere thanks to you for getting them to shed their shoes and hang-ups. You are truly fantastic and I suspect you are going to have quite a few of the ladies contacting you for lessons in the new year. Please send the newsletter; I’ll make sure they get it.”T
“Thanks to Charlotte and her highly inter active session our group was revitalised with some zest for life and skills to change our individual mind sets. Looking at curve balls differently can determine the way you are going to cath it or let it fall and then pick it up – One can choose to be in control of every situation because only you are determining your own reaction.
She also addressed specific problems within the work place in a natural, matter of fact way – needless to say that the probem was half way sort after the session.
May you keep on roaring”AR
“Thank you so much for the guest speaker you invited yesterday. It was very interesting seeing the class in a different environment, and good just to be reminded about the things that does really matter. We all tend to forget that the only thing in life you have control over, is your own emotions.
Thank you for the fun way in which you reminded us!”AH
“Thank you for the pleasant and self-enriching session last night, I did in fact at one point felt like walking out but not because I did not want to learn or participate but because of the timing, it was merely the end of a work day and I have a weak right eye which was causing me to develop a migraine, I tried my best and found that it was as pleasant as I mentioned. I learned something new about myself and how to approach and communicate with people which is especially needed as I do work with students myself and I work with a variety of different staff each day. I walked out of the class feeling refreshed mentally and emotionally. Thank you.”E
“Charlotte we like to thank you for your astonishing talent and the gift of teaching and coaching you shown us yesterday. Thank you for re–vitalizing our mind and body and for stimulating, refreshing energizing and reviving our inner man or soul. Thank you for bringing us water, it was really fun. I just want to know do you also work in weekend, if so then how much are your cost for the same service as yesterday – thank you. May god bless you and your efforts.”J
“This was one of the most – if not the most – worthwhile exercise. It was informative, an eye opener, inspiring and motivational. I had enjoyed the class, and I would like to thank you for that.”H
“There is a lot of things I have learned, even though I took some for granted but they are very important and soul reviving. My mind worked very fast out of the questions she asked and I felt very relaxed before I could go to sleep. This was amazing, I wish one can have this type of sessions regularly. Thanks a lot for your efforts by arranging Charlotte Blignaut for us to enjoy and learn at the same time.”Sam
It was an eye opening experience and yes, I did enjoy it very much. Thank you.CP
Hi Charlotte, the ladies had a ball and are still talking about it. It is amazing that we do look at one another in a different light now. It was also a fun workout and sure beats going to gym!MC, CBZ
“Thank you for the wonderful inspirational interaction you gave us.
 Keep up the good work and have fun too. Hope to see you again one day.
Lots of love.”MJ
“Charlotte provided us with an amazing presentation. She got all the ladies involved which resulted in all the ladies laughing and having fun as well as networking with each other. I highly recommend Charlotte for your event and please feel free to contact me regarding further reference.”Candice Rodger, Marketing Manager, SASPA

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One on One Coaching
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“I am so honoured and blessed to be in the financial industry where I get to engage and network with some incredible, authentic and inspirational people. Charlotte D Blignaut you truly are a remarkable transformational coach. I will be endorsing you to my existing client base!” MVanTil

“Thank you, Charlotte D Blignaut, for your assistance in organising and clearing the confusion in my head around business opportunities by formalating an action plan for the immediate future to achieve short term results!!
#Results #StayTeachableandCoachable #Emotioninmotion #TandCsession ” LLR

“Today I had a T&C session with Charlotte and had a “Wow” moment. I am excited about my future as a Property Educator! Speed of Implementation – 2 days to session 2!” M Schain

“Thank you Charlotte D Blignaut for choosing to launch “T & C” in my coaching session. It was absolutely laser sharp. You helped me to conceptualize ideas, come up with creative solutions and concrete plans to grow my business. ALL IN JUST 30 MINUTES!!!!
It’s all about speed of implementation” K Bezuidenhout

“I just wanted to send you an e-mail to say thank you for the outstanding coaching session. I found the session to be warm, inviting and professional. I feel that it moved me forward profoundly in my life and was grateful for the manner in which you had conducted it. I have referred another client to you as I believe your service is very worthwhile. I am able to integrate the good and bad things in myself and face them. This was very liberating.”
Jody de Reuck
M.A. Clinical Psychology (RAU)
Supervisory and Executive Coach

“Thanks for the time and energy you have given me. With your help I unlocked my own natural tools which helped at work and home. Your guidance helped me understand ME better, and propelled me towards a greater future.”Arista Botha, Mandevco Consultants

“Today I had a T&C session with Charlotte and had a “Wow” moment. I am excited about my future as a Property Educator! Speed of Implementation – 2 days to session 2!” M Shain

“Good Afternoon Charlotte.
I would like to thank you for informative and enlightening journey you took me through in our session.
I have commenced on my journey of self discovery.
Once again Thank you so much.”Matumelo Leseba, Project Office Anlayst, Programme Management Office, Mutual & Federal Insurance Company Limited

“Charlotte is a gifted coach in so many areas. She always has the ability to ask the right questions. These questions took me further than I expected to go and challenged my thinking in so many areas of my life. She helped me to focus on the positive and to see all the positive characteristics of everybody touching my life.
I believe that in the workplace this new way of positive thinking has helped me to handle stress effectively. It also helped me to appreciate people more. To me positive thinking has become an unbelievable motivational tool where I became part of a “I can” generation instead of being stuck in a “I can’t” generation.
Thank you for a very interesting journey towards self-awareness and growth . You build-up my confidence to the point where I felt like a different person . Very inspirational.”Joanette Van Wyk
“Dear Charlotte, thank you very much for your devotion to the MF, change and strategy team. There is a remarkable positive difference with the team disposition and how we relate to each other.For me personally the journey we have walked together has been an incredible eye opener. Being the cynic I am when it comes to life coaching, I thought to myself when we started the journey what will you coach me on; that I don’t already know about myself or that my preacher can’t help me with….It has been a positive journey of self discovery and revelation of blind spots and taking ownership of my actions.So thank you once again for having positive impact in my life.”CM, Head, Continuous Improvement Delivery, Strategy and Change
“In the short time that I have been working with Charlotte she has provided invaluable input and techniques that have enabled me to be more effective, efficient and productive, while at the same time getting to know and understand myself a lot better. Thank You Charlotte!!!”R Meredith, Nedbank
“Having engaged with Charlotte over the last several months, my firmly held conviction is that all business can benefit from the inputs of an independent and impartial referee. The value that Charlotte has brought has been instrumental in the fleshing out of higher-level theoretical constructs, as well as acting as a catalyst at the level of tactical implementation. 12/10.”John Orrock | Director
“We are so busy with life that we do not take the time to see ‘how am I doing, what can I do differently and honestly how do others see me?’. My life coach Charlotte packaged all of these nicely in sessions and I decided what I wanted to keep, change and what I could do differently – thank you for the guidance Charlotte!”PB, Nedbank
“In personal development the growth in emotional maturity and the associated link with survival in a modern corporate context; the coaching sessions facilitated by Charlotte has assisted me in taking my own leadership role to the next level. IQ, EQ and SQ are inseparable and I have learnt how all these aspects can be used to lead with dignity, to be firm but kind and ultimately facilitate the growth of an effective and well managed team. I would highly recommend these coaching sessions to anyone in leadership or aspiring to leadership; growth is inevitable, how you grow is your decision….”GW
“The session with you was very beneficial and it has helped me to sort out allot in my mind. You have helped me to objectively assess my life, goals and purpose as well as given me a new perspective on how to balance what’s important verse what is a necessity.”B
“Charlotte is a tough coach who gets results. She will make you expand your comfort zone which is something I needed to do in a big way. I’m looking forward to working with Charlotte to improve my clients’ wellbeing and improve their lives.”D
“Charlotte was brought into Trajekt to assist teams in creating a better service offering both as people and on behalf of the Company. After one-on-one sessions, staff and management alike walked away with a deeper understanding of themselves, and where they could add value, as well as areas to focus on, in order to improve. Charlotte is incredibly professional and her commitment to excellence is unparalleled. Her objective is to improve teams to the betterment of the Company and Service alike, and she succeeds magnificently.Emotion in Motion comes highly recommend.”Tracy (Director – Trajekt) HR Consultants
“Thank you for this morning’s session. It was challenging, but you made me rediscover myself again and who I truly am. Thank you once again!”A
“Charlotte you were a real eye opener to me! Thanks for showing me how I can reach my full potential and be confident. Doing these sessions with you were the best decision I could make. Thank you for everything.”J, Nedbank
“I have just completed two sessions with Charlotte and already feel motivated, inspired and awakened. The outcomes for all two sessions were met, with practical actions that allowed me to become more focused and accepting to my goal orientated personality type. My colleagues and clients have noticed a change in my behaviour and commented on my drive and passion that I am showing within my professional environment. On the personal front I have started to become more aware of my role and responsibility within my home environment and the dependency on me to make a positive difference to my family.”KM
“The concept ‘Emotional Maturity’ and the subsequent application thereof within a situational leadership situation; is much spoken of but seldom practised. In what has been a challenging situational leadership year, the coaching received by Charlotte has been immensely valued and has seen many positive results for me personally and the organisation I represent. I would highly recommend her coaching approach to any aspiring leader of teams and or those seeking personal growth.”Gerorge
“Thank you for a mind shifting experience today, I am truly amazed at how much you you’ve contributed to making such a positive change in my life by uncovering aspects in my life that I would never have done by myself. Thank you for allowing me to once again find myself, get back my energy and keeping me focused.”K