Effective Team Communication

“Whenever we communicate with each other, there is an exchange of energy.”Reshad Field


This is an interactive training workshop, designed to develop an understanding amongst participants of the role that perceptions and communication styles play in a team’s ability to communicate. Participants learn how to apply positive and constructive communication skills that will enhance both their individual and the team’s performance.

Current Team Challenges

Does your team display any of the following symptoms? If so, the Effective Team Training intervention will provide the solution.

  1. Lack of or unsatisfactory Responses to communication
  2. Not being understood or being heard
  3. Require more effective and up to date communication within your teams
  4. Accountability, responsibility  and success of the communication
  5. Using communication to understand and manage conflict

Organizational Benefits

Improved productivity, leadership and output by building team capabilities in the following key areas:

  1. Clear communication 
  2. Establishing your own communication style to manage conflict
  3. Power of focus to encourage accountability
  4. Team created tools and techniques, for proactive and positive improved communication

Team Productivity

Motivated Teams - Can’t see the wood for the trees?


A successful team is made up of successful and positive thinking individuals. This workshop sets the tone for managing change and accessing new problem solving solutions, within the framework of the team.

This workshop is an introduction to the more comprehensive content covered by and  customized in the Effective Team Communication workshop.

Current Team Challenges

Does your team display any of the following symptoms:

  1. Difficulty embracing change
  2. Resistance to applying intrinsic rr learnt skills set when changes are made

Organizational Benefits

Flexible, adaptable, motivated and inspired teams that positively and  passionately face change, reach new frontiers and meet targets:

  1. Wheel of Life articulation
  2. Building positive long term team and client relationships.
  3. Taking responsibility for self as the foundation embracing change in an evolving team environment.